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Venus De Milo Restoration

Keropian Sculpture LLC was contacted by a client who purchased a two hundred year old plaster cast of the Venus De Milo, the original marble is in the Louvre in Paris. This plaster is one of a number of copies that were cast directly from plaster "piece- molds" off the original antique sculptures in Europe back in the 1800's for schools, collectors and museums. Originally catalogs were printed of many of Greek, Roman and Renaissance Sculptures that were provided to clients to order casts. At the time and into the 1900's there were quite a few shops that made the casts to order. By the middle of the 1900's plaster casts and the traditional arts became side lined for modern art and thus many of these casts were destroyed or put into storage. In the late seventies an new spark of interest in the traditional arts and the human for began to grow in some areas of the USA and with it the interest to restore and preserve these plaster casts works. Please note that these works are as close to the originals as can be found as they were casts made from the molds that came off the original sculptures. Today with digital technology molds are not necessary, however an artist must clean up the surface of the scan or 3d rendering, so the work is less exact, as each swipe on the surface is not original.
In regard to this particular restoration of the Venus, we were fortunate as it was generally in good shape. There was even an old newspaper located inside dated in the mid 1800's. The most challenging and rewarding part was restoring the belt of plaster around Venus' midsection. Why someone did this we don't know, but fortunately after examining I was able to remove the plaster belt since the plaster hadn't bonded well to the original plaster. As you can see I am chipping off rather than carving the plaster to reveal the hidden female form from beneath. I had to remake a Roman Joint to reseat the upper section to the lower. More information can be found on the following link:

MORE at The Building Arts Notebook blog.

Cornwall-On-The- Hudson
New York
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Removing the excess plaster revealing the hidden female from beneath.
Remaking the "Roman Joint" to secure the top to the bottom part of the sculpture.
Before Frontal View
After Frontal View

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