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Upshur County Courthouse Restoration in Buckhannon, WV

After the failing Portland cement stucco from the sandstone columns and cheek walls of the historical courthouse was removed under a previous contract, the dilapidated stone was exposed to the extent that the entire portico was compromised.

Keystone Waterproofing Inc. was contracted to perform the repairs. After overhead pedestrian protection and scaffolding were erected, nylon mesh netting was installed to protect public from our restoration operations.

After angle braces were installed to stabilize the columns, we performed the following repairs:

Stitched cracks of columns with stainless steel pins.

Injected cracks with Jahn injection grout.

Replaced sandstone as needed.

Ground loose exfoliation from some of the cheek wall stones to create uniform appearance.

Removed all previous unsuitable patches and severely damaged stone.

Prepped and applied Jahn M70 restoration mortar to replicate original profiles.

Cut out all existing mortar joints and repointed with historical lime based mortar to closely match original joints.

Coated all stone with breathable masonry coating.

The after photos were taken six years after portico was restored to its original grandeur, indicating another successful masonry restoration project by Keystone Waterproofing, Inc.

West Virginia
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Before, front view
Before, left angle
Before, right angle
Progress photo, front view
Progress photo, columns
Photo taken six years after our restoration work, left angle
Photo taken six years after our restoration work, right angle
Photo taken six years after our restoration work, front view

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