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Two Story Bow Window

Two Story Wood Bow Window Restoration Including Salvaging a Large Arched Nosing Section

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Window sill before the arched nosing was removed.
Salvaged nosing section was removed. Arch was maintained by cutting out this piece. Both this arched portion and sill in pla
Shows where arched piece was removed from.
ConServ Epoxy Consolidant and Patch were applied with wood fillers in large voids.
Close up of vertical trim where it meets damaged sill, during process of filling with Epoxy Patch.
Close up of sill void being filled with epoxy.
Vertical trim and sill after tooling of epoxy.
Epoxy tooling in preparation for paint.
Initial coat of Epoxy Patch.
Second coat of Epoxy Patch.
After finish paint.
After finish paint.

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