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Textured Timber Restoration

Incorporated into a Tudor style building, this white oak timber frame suffered from the direct exposure to the elements characteristic of that building design. Marlowe Restorations LLC takes a methodical approach to timber frame restoration. In the first image, below, detailed labelling of the frame can be seen, indicating precise corrections necessary. Subsequent images show these changes being made, using steel through bolts and plates to draw together and secure the joinery. Also shown are inserts and "dutchmen" let into the work to replace rotted areas. All inserts are made from salvaged white oak, thoroughly seasoned to a low moisture content. Previous to any repairs, all damaged areas are saturated with water borne preservative borates in order to prevent reoccurence of rot. All measures are taken to make sure that the moisture content is brought low enough after these treatments to successfully accept epoxy consolidants and fillers.

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