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Structural Sill Restoration

Sill beams are typically the first structural elements of an historic timber frame to sustain damage, for any number of reasons. Bad drainage, splashback from runoff from the eaves or direct contact with masonry are just some of the causes. Marlowe Restorations LLC always strives to address the cause as well as the cure in order to prevent the problem from recurring. We will always make recommendations about runoff and drainage, where such alterations would affect performance. We customarily install a moisture barrier between masonry and sills. As shown by the examples below, we address all elements, including siding, trim and wall studs. In both examples shown, we used seasoned Douglas Fir because of its availibility, compressive strength and its moisture content. Native timbers are often not available fully seasoned and are therefore prone to shrinkage. Where historically necessary, however, we can find seasoned or salvaged native lumber to suit.

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