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Governor Trumbull"s War Office

Restoration based on architectural evidence, structural deficiencies, and environmental concerns. Research and grant procurement were done over the last five years to correct and reinterpret the War Office during the American Revolution. While Governor throughout the War Trumbull was one of the leading sources of goods for the cause. The War Office was a general store and served as a meeting place for the "Council of Safety" for over five hundred meetings during the War. Work consisted of arresting bug infestation, mitigating water penetration through building fabric as well as rising dampness from below. Also non original walls & chimney were removed and replaced where architectural evidence dictated with a new chimney stack and fireplaces in the original location. Necessary mill-work fabricated and installed like existing in each room. Salvaging as much as possible of original material, incorporating new native material, salvage material and some steel we were able to support the structure to offset the serious sagging and decay from moisture and insects.Steel used was in the form of a tension truss to support long timber spans and only shows discreetly in the attic. The whole system is totally reversible. A new treated red cedar roof was installed to my specification and should last more than thirty years. when all millwork (window frames) on the exterior was complete several fresh coats of paint were applied. The interior has been refinished as well leaving old finish intact and matching the new and painted surfaces to it.

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Molded sills uncovered
Poor craftsmanship and a source for water penetration
Correct flashing installation. Follow the water!
Non existent joinery due to water penetration
New Alaskan Yellow Cedar sills being fitted to an existing good tenon
Completed window repair before shingles replaced
New Kings Pine floor being installed with forged rehead nails
Finished plank floor
Exterior View
Tension truss assembly supporting girts
Treating framing with Borate
Some new, some old. The stack is back where it was 175 years ago.
Firebox layout with salvaged stone from the other fireplaces installed a hundred years ago in the wrong location
The difference is in the details
The completed fireplace with new plaster on wood lath and new plank framing
J. Warner Barbers sketch from 1834

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